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Behavioral Health

First Episode Center

What is the First Episode Center?
Who is the First Episode Center for?
How does the First Episode Center work?
What services are provided at the First Episode Center?
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What is the First Episode Center?

An innovative treatment and support program, serving adolescents and young adults who are experiencing psychosis.   Research shows that seeking treatment early will improve life overall and help the young person achieve their life goals.  The sooner care is sought, the sooner a person will feel better.


Who is the First Episode Center for?

  • Adolescents and young adults ages 15-25
  • People who want help to recovery from psychosis to help achieve their life goals for school, work, family and relationships
  • People who experience:
    • Unusual thoughts or behaviors that seem strange to themselves or others
    • Becoming fearful or suspicious
    • Hearing voices or seeing things others don’t
    • Withdrawing from family and friends

How does the First Episode Center work?

The FEC uses evidence-based practices to provide a comprehensive array of recovery-oriented services over a period of about two years from the onset of symptoms. 

We use a team approach to assist a person and their family in a time efficient manner, eliminating long delays between onset of experiences and engagement in effective treatment.

We offer services in a variety of settings, including in our center and in the community, such as home or school visits, depending on how a person would like their care.

Our team works closely with medical providers to ensure that the whole health of the person is considered in treatment. 


What services are provided at the First Episode Center?

We work as a team to meet the goals of the person, with a menu of services, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Recovery coaching
  • Individualized goal setting
  • Peer support
  • School and employment support
  • Family education and support
  • Various therapies, including Cognitive Enhancement Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Medication treatment, if a person and their doctor decide it is needed

Recovery is different for each person and can vary depending on many factors.  At First Episode Center, we believe that everyone can and will recover to lead a full and meaningful life.  We want to support recovery, including:

  • Movement toward important personal life goals
  • Engaging in connections in the community, including school, work, social activities, hobbies, volunteer work and leisure activities
  • Improved relationships with family, friends and any significant people in your life
  • Reduction in experiences and roadblocks that prevent pursuing your life goals
  • Feeling more hopeful about the future

Resources and Referrals

We are located in the Pendergast Community Center.  This center has a primary care and dental clinic, where preventative and regular medical care are available.  The center also has a Family Resource Center that focuses on supporting parents and families to learn, grow and thrive.


For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us:

First Episode Center
Pendergast Community Center
10550 W. Mariposa St., Suite 3
Phoenix, AZ 85037
623-344-3700 main
623-344-3701 fax 


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