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Treatment and Services


Diabetes Inpatient Services
The goal of the Inpatient Diabetes Program is to improve diabetes care through quality improvement projects, education and standardized patient care. 

Our patients, even those who have had diabetes for years, are discovering new ways to live a better life with diabetes. Whether you are newly diagnosed, have had diabetes for years, have recently been hospitalized, are pregnant with diabetes or simply want to learn how to use an insulin pump, we are here for you.

MIHS has implemented several hospital-wide inpatient initiatives to control blood sugar levels. Our services reflect evidence-based standards of care and current best practices.

We effectively care for patients with diabetes by working together with a team of physicians, pharmacists, home care coordinators, case managers, dietitians and nurses to:

  • Assess hospitalized patients to determine individual glycemic (blood sugar) control and help them achieve a desired goal during their stay.
  • Collaborate with the health care team for the delivery of interventions.
  • Teach patients basic diabetes “survival skills” needed for self-management before they are discharged.
  •  Communicate with health care providers to facilitate patient progress.
  • Encourage appropriate appointments during discharge and help patients transition to outpatient care.
  • Use a patient and family-centered model while patients are in our care, from the time of admission to the time of discharge.
  • Empower patients and caregivers to actively participate in the patient’s care from hospital to home.


Diabetes Outpatient Services
Our dedicated team of Certified Diabetes Educators (dietitians and nurses), will teach you the skills needed to control diabetes for a lifetime.

Outpatient accredited and recognized by the American Diabetes Association as meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Education, our program is designed to help people with diabetes and their families better understand this disease and take charge of their health.

More than 90 percent of the responsibilities to control diabetes are based on self-care. To prevent complications, it is very important to receive ongoing diabetes education. We offer individual sessions as well as group classes.

The outpatient services also offer access to other specialties important for complete care of the patient with diabetes such as ophthalmology, podiatry, cardiology and vascular services.


Topics for Diabetes Education:

  • Learning basic facts about diabetes
  • Monitoring/understanding blood sugar at home and learning about the A1c test
  • Healthy eating: Planning meals, reading food labels, counting carbohydrates
  • Treating hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • Recognizing hyperglycemia (high blood sugar)
  • Learning how diabetes medicines work
  • Managing sick days at home
  • Dealing with depression and feelings
  • Exercising safely
  • Taking care of feet, eyes, kidneys and nerves
  • Setting goals for daily routines


Diabetes education is usually covered by insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. In this case, a physician's referral may be required.

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