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Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) benefits add value beyond your paycheck.

As an employee of MIHS, you have a total compensation package: a combination of pay and benefit programs that is among the best in our industry. This benefit guide describes the key features of our programs. They are designed to give you choices about the types and levels of protection that you want.

For more information, please read 2016- 2017 Benefit Guide

Dental - EDS

You select a Primary Care Dentist from the EDS network for your family. The Employers Dental Services (EDS) Plan is a prepaid dental plan that offers the convenience of a fixed copayment schedule for utilizing the plan’s contracted DHMO providers and facilities.

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Dental - MetlLife

The MetLife Dental Plan gives you the freedom to choose either a participating dentist or an out-ofnetwork dentist. There are considerable cost savings when using a dentist who is in the MetLife PDP network.

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Vision Plan

The UnitedHealthcare Vision Plan provides you and your family with quality vision benefits at an affordable cost.

Your UnitedHealthcare vision plan makes it easy to maintain good eyesight and healthy eyes, and save money while you are at it. Your plan offers you the flexibility to use any provider you choose, but typically the best overall savings are available at network locations. Visiting a network location also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of eyewear discounts on options like lens upgrades. Your vision plan allows you to pick the provider that matches your lifestyle and eye care needs.

UnitedHealthcare offers a diverse vision network of more than 60,000 access points nationally. This includes both private practice and leading retail chain providers including: Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, American’s Best Contacts, EyeGlass World, Visionworks, Nationwide and many more.

When you call to schedule an appointment with our vision network provider, simply tell them that you have vision insurance with UnitedHealthcare. You don’t even need a vision ID card for your appointment. You only need to give the staff your name and date of birth—it’s that simple!

The network provider will verify your benefits. If you’d like to print a vision ID card, visit myuhcvision.com, log on, and choose “Print ID Card.” This will generate a PDF document called “How to Use Your Vision Care Benefits.” More...

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STD / Critical Illness / Accident Plan

Because none of us can see into the future, MIHS offers supplemental benefit products to assist us when the unexpected happens. Benefits offered through Continental American Insurance Company (CAIC), are supplemental products, which offer the following benefits;

  • Short-Term Disability offers replacement income at 60% of our base pay up to a maximum of $2500 per week for up to 26*-weeks if we become disabled due to injury or illness. *Please note the plan does not covered work related injuries or illnesses.
  • Accident Insurance brings relief to employees and their dependants by paying a fixed amount for injuries that may occur at work or at home. Please see the CAIC brochure for examples of the types of injuries and the payments associated with the injury.
  • Critical Illness coverage offer relief to employees and their covered dependants for major illnesses. Please see the CAIC brochure for a complete list of diseases covered.

Short Term Disability Claim Form
CAIC Accident Form
CAIC Critical Illness Claim Form
2009 Maricopa CAIC Brochure

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