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Labor and Delivery

Treatment and Services

Obstetrical Emergency Room (OB ER)
The OB ER is staffed by certified nurse midwives, physicians and specially trained RNs. They specialize in pregnancy related complications, identifying labor and obstetrical emergencies.

Women who are more than 20 weeks pregnant are seen on the second floor OB ER for treatment. Women who have already delivered their babies, but are having complications would also be seen in the OB ER within 14 days of their delivery.

Obstetrical Anesthesia
The Obstetric Department is served by a team of board-certified anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA) that provide 24-hour in-house care. These professionals make sure all patients receive proper pain relief, skilled anesthesia management and immediate response in emergency situations.

Lactation Services
There are many breast-feeding benefits for newborns including potentially achieving optimal growth and health. However, breast-feeding is a learned experience and takes practice for both mother and baby. Over time, the baby learns to latch on properly and the mother learns to read the cues of a hungry baby.

At MIHS, our team of professionals including your nurse, internationally board-certified lactation consultants, lactation counselors and physicians work together to offer you the support and the coaching you may need to have a successful beginning with breast-feeding. All of the nursing staff have been trained in the 10 Steps to Breastfeeding Success and are prepared to assist you with breastfeeding your newborn baby. While you are in the hospital, if you are going to breastfeed, we encourage you to ONLY feed your baby breastmilk by providing education, support and limiting the number of bottles at the bedside.

To prepare for a successful time of breast-feeding, we encourage new mothers to take our prenatal education class. Not only will you learn the benefits of breast-feeding for you and your baby, you will also learn tips and tricks for breast-feeding with confidence. Call to reserve your place in our next class at 602-344-5332.

Couplet Care
The bond between a mother and her baby is very important for the baby's development and well-being. At MIHS, we deliver approximately 2,500 babies each year and we see how well they respond to being close to their mothers. That's why we have developed a Couplet Care Program to help reinforce this natural bonding. Couplet Care is provided on the Postpartum unit and there are 26 beds consisting of 4 private rooms, 10 semi-private rooms and 1 four-bed room.

In this program, the mother and newborn stay together and are cared for by a single nurse. This helps the new mother learn the baby's habits and needs, while having her nurse’s support and guidance. This also provides a secure environment for the baby. Studies show that infants who stay with their mothers usually cry less, have lower blood pressure and have more stable temperature, pulse and respiration. Our Couplet Care Program also encourages fathers to be present with the baby while in the hospital. Couplet Care rooms have extra sleeping accommodations for fathers. We do not offer a newborn nursery where healthy babies are separated from their family.

For babies who need special care, MIHS staffs a team of pediatricians, neonatologists, and Neonatal Nurse Practitioners who will coordinate care for your baby in the Level 3 NICU.

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