Center for Healthcare Against Family Violence

Our History…

Two processes occurring at the same time led to the eventual formation of the Center: the Maricopa Association of Governments health initiative, and collaborations among physicians at Maricopa Integrated Health System.

MIHS and MAG have a history of working together to improve outcomes for women experiencing domestic violence, and have collaborated on many projects to affect policy and procedure in this area.

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Our Mission…
The mission of the Center for Healthcare Against Family Violence is to provide educational resources, expertise and research support to the healthcare community and to ensure that support and services are provided to those affected by family violence. 

Our Goals…
The Center takes a three-pronged approach in combating domestic violence- through systems, providers, and individuals. The goals of the Center are therefore organized within these levels, as such:


  • To inform and affect policy and procedure.
  • To be a resource for other health systems in establishing a model of care for patients presenting for domestic violence.
  • To increase public perception and awareness of family violence.


  • To increase provider screenings for domestic violence among women patients in the Women's Care Clinic and mothers/children in the Pediatrics Clinic.
  • To increase provider's ability to integrate domestic violence into medical management.
  • To expand current services for provider use into other clinics and healthcare systems.


  • To increase education to female patients regarding healthy lifestyles.
  • Provide primary violence prevention programs to elementary school students.
  • To provide domestic violence awareness information to the general public.
  • To improve screening through a readily accessible response.
  • To increase the number of positive screens for family violence. 
  • To increase in services provided to women with positive DV screens.
  • To improve behavioral health services to children exposed to family violence.
  • To analyze the prevalence of domestic violence among women patients with urinary tract infections.
  • To provide education to women temporarily housed in shelters.
  • To provide immediate services to women patients in the Women's Care Clinic and mothers/children in the Pediatrics Clinic.
  • To provide adult victims of domestic violence strategies for keeping children safe from abuse.
  • To link children exposed to domestic violence with needed behavioral health services

Contact Us
Please address all correspondence to:

Center for Healthcare Against Family Violence

c/o Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Maricopa Medical Center
2601 East Roosevelt Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85008