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Maricopa Medical Foundation

Maricopa Medical Foundation

Since its founding in 1962, Maricopa Medical Foundation (MMF) continues to directly impact thousands of Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) patients. Maricopa Medical Foundation strengthens MIHS by providing philanthropic support to programs, education, research and capital improvement projects that advance patient welfare, improve quality of care and increase community access to health care. The MMF generates financial support for MIHS through fundraising, charitable gifts and grants. The money raised goes right back into the community.

MIHS is a vital community resource that provides diversified medical services, offers excellent training for future healthcare providers, performs cutting-edge research and serves as a safety net for the underserved. By strengthening MIHS, the Maricopa Medical Foundation helps strengthen the entire region.


As a freestanding 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Maricopa Medical Foundation (MMF) provides support exclusively to Maricopa Integrated Health System for:

  • Basic and clinical research
  • Continuing medical education for health care professionals
  • Community health education programs and projects
  • Continuing educational programs and projects for allied health care providers

Statement of Intent

It is the intent of Maricopa Medical Foundation to provide support for such services primarily at Maricopa Medical Center and allied Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) sites.

  • To have and exercise all rights and powers from time to time granted to non-profit corporations by law and which are consistent with the 501 (c) 3 exemptions granted by the Internal Revenue System.

The financial support for Maricopa Integrated Health System contemplated by the above statement of purpose shall supplement, rather than substitute for other financial support available to MIHS.

Maricopa Medical Foundation Activities

  • Promoting research activity
  • Managing research grants and contracts awarded to MMF
  • Awarding research grants to residents of MIHS of $5,000 each for up to 10 grants per year
  • Managing CME accounts for MIHS Department of Academic Affairs

Why Maricopa Integrated Health System Participates in Research

  • MIHS faculty and residents can contribute to the expansion of medical knowledge concerning residents of Maricopa County and the State of Arizona
  • Participation in research helps keep faculty current in their field
  • The research supports ACGME (residency programs) required scholarly activity

History of Maricopa Medical Foundation

In 1962, Dr. Henry Hale and several colleagues founded the Maricopa County General Hospital Foundation as a way to receive grants, contracts and gifts for the hospital. As the Foundation evolved into a focus on education and research, the name was changed in 1962, 1986 and in 1996 finally becoming Maricopa Medical Foundation. In the mid-1990's the work was done to enable the Foundation to receive federal grants and contracts. Until late 2003, the Foundation received and managed all the clinical trials contracts for the physicians employed at the MIHS. That role was assumed by District Medical Group in 2004. The same role was then assumed by Maricopa Integrated Medical System.

For more information on the Maricopa Medical Foundation or to donate to the Foundation, contact the Foundation by phone at 602-344-1453 or fax at 602-344-1955.

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House Staff Achievement Grants

The Maricopa Medical Foundation awards funds to support the development of research by house staff of MIHS. The House Achievement Grant is intended to encourage original research projects. Any creative and original idea accompanied by sound methodology will be considered.

Application Deadline

Submissions: April 1 and October 1.

Notification of Award

Submissions: December 1 and June 1.


Submissions: For 12 months starting on notification date.

6 Month Progress Report

Submissions: 6 months after notification date.

Final Progress Report

Submissions: 13 months after notification date
Submit applications via interoffice mail to:
Maricopa Medical Foundation, Attention: Executive Director.


Any MIHS resident may apply. Recipients of MMF House Staff Achievement Grants may not submit an application for another grant until the previous project has been completed and a final report has been submitted to the Foundation.


Residents may submit an application for funding of a new project before the end of the 13-month performance period if they complete the project and submit a final report, OR, if at the end of the 12-month funding period, the project is completed but the final report is not finished, the resident may submit a letter to the Foundation indicating that the project is complete and the final report will be submitted within the 13-month performance period. The letter must be co-signed by the faculty sponsor. Once the project is completed and the letter is submitted to the Foundation, no more funds will be disbursed from that account.

Funds approved for one project may not be transferred to any other project. Residual funds at the end of a project will be recovered by the Foundation and used for future House Staff Achievement Grants. Grant requests may be withdrawn and the funding returned at any time prior to initiation, or during the performance period. Projects will not be funded and no funding will be disbursed until the Institutional Review Board has approved the project.

Definition of Research

Research is broadly defined as scientific investigation designed to furnish new knowledge relating to health care. Such investigations may focus on basic science research, clinical research, preventive medicine, epidemiology, health care policy, or medical teaching and education. Prior to being funded, all projects must be approved by the MIHS Institutional Review Board (IRB) or the IRB of the affiliated institution if the project is to be conducted at another site.

Evaluations of Applications

Each application will be reviewed by a committee of the directors of the Maricopa Medical Foundation. Applications will be evaluated on: (1) the creativity of the concept, (2) the clinical significance of the project (3) the soundness of the methodology, and (4) the likelihood the project will be completed. The final funding decision is made by the directors of the Maricopa Medical Foundationtion.

6 Month Progress Report

Submissions: 6 months after notification date.

Final Progress Report

Submissions: 13 months after notification date Submit applications via interoffice mail to: Maricopa Medical Foundation, Attention: Executive Director.


Terms of the Award

Location of Work

Grants are awarded for investigations at MIHS facilities or affiliated training locations, under the supervision of MIHS faculty and commonly using MIHS patients.

Financial Support

Grants are to be utilized to conduct research projects. No funding will be approved for investigator salary support. Capital equipment purchases must be included in the grant request. Funds will be maintained in, and accessed through an account with the Foundation. No funds will be provided for any expenses incurred prior to the date of notification of the award. Budget line items will be approved by the Foundation.

Liability of the Maricopa Medical Foundation

The MMF assumes no financial liability if patient care responsibilities of any kind are undertaken by the applicant.

Limitation On Grants

The MMF is not fiscally responsible for funds necessary for the project's completion. Grants are awarded on a one-time basis for each project, though funding for subsequent work will be considered with a new application. A maximum of $5,000 will be awarded for each approved grant application. These funds may be used for:

  • Salary support for ancillary staff (e.g. technicians, statisticians, nurse coordinators)
  • Consumables or services rendered as part of the project (e.g. medications, respiratory therapy treatments, radiographic or laboratory studies). Funds don't cover the cost of bulk supply purchases. Funds only cover the cost of actual supplies used (unless previously approved by the Foundation).
  • Limited costs related to presentation of the data (e.g. posters, slides), and/or
  • Limited publication costs (include in budget)

**Funds are not to be used for investigator salary support, capital equipment (costing more than $500 with a life of over one year), or travel.**


All publications, abstracts and posters will acknowledge the support of the Maricopa Medical Foundation, and a copy of any submitted abstract, poster or manuscript will be submitted to the Foundation.

Academic Excellence Day

In May, work supported by these grants must be submitted for presentation at Academic Excellence Day with acknowledgment of Maricopa Medical Foundation support.


The applicant is required to submit a brief six-month progress report and a final progress report to the executive director of the Foundation within 30 days of the conclusion of the award year. Failure to submit these reports on time may result in forfeiture of grant dollars. Both should be signed by the applicant and the preceptor. Additional reports may be required, depending on the cost and/or the complexity of the project.

Maricopa Medical Foundation Board Members

Beverley D. Rowley, Ph.D.

President / Executive Director

Kara Iskyan Geren, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor, University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix; Attending Physician, Department of Emergency Medicine, Maricopa Integrated Health System

Michael Grossman, MD, MACP

Special Assistant to the Dean; Professor Emeritus, Internal Medicine; Professor, Biomedical Informatics; College of Medicine Phoenix

G. Allen Holloway, Jr., MD

Wound Care Specialist,  Sun Valley House Call; Clinical Professor of Surgery, University of Arizona School of Medicine, Phoenix

Tammy Kopelman, MD, FACS

Associate Clinical Professor, University of Arizona Medical School-Phoenix Campus; Co-Director, Surgical Intensive Care Unit; Dept. of Surgery:Division of Burns, Trauma & Surgical Critical Care, Maricopa Medical Center

Frank LoVecchio, DO

Department of Emergency Medicine; Maricopa Integrated Health System

Melissa A. Singer Pressman, Ph.D.

Chief Clinical Research Officer, Scottsdale Medical Imaging Research Institute; Master Methodologist, Grand Canyon University; Associate Professor of Research, University of Arizona, College of Medicine 

Sydney Westphal, MD

Consultant, Division of Endocrinology; Department of Internal Medicine; Mayo Clinic Hospital, Scottsdale AZ

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