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Arizona Burn Center

Treatment & Services

At MIHS, we specialize in burn care providing critical, surgical and rehabilitative care to patients with varying degrees of new and healed burns. Our center is staffed and equipped to provide reconstructive and restorative surgery for healed burns, as well as treatments for various other skin conditions.

Aggressive rehabilitation is typically necessary for patients with burn injuries, including therapy to improve range of motion, and the use of specially fitted garments, splints and other orthotic appliances to improve the patient’s ability and appearance. Once a patient has recovered sufficiently to return to their homes and communities, MIHS helps to ensure a smooth transition through its readjustment and re-entry programs.

The medical staff at MIHS is renowned for their expertise in critical care, particularly in techniques that may help save the life of a patient with severe burn injuries – such as fluid resuscitation, management of smoke inhalation, early excision and skin grafting, and management of increased metabolism.

Since MIHS entered the burn care field, the survival rate for patients with burns over more than 50 percent of their body surface has doubled. In addition, today, patients with burns over 90 percent can survive, and go on to lead full, productive lives.

Skin Grafts

An autograft is a surgical procedure in which sections of your own healthy skin are used to replace the scar tissue caused by deep burns. If the burn area is not ready for an autograft, temporary skin coverage may be necessary by using an allograft (also called a homograft) or a xenograft (pig skin). This thin, temporary cover is placed over the wound and allows better pain control while protecting the wound from infection. These temporary grafts stick to the wound, but are taken off when the patient is ready for autograft.

Wound Care

The goal of wound care always remains the same: prevent infection and promote healing with as little discomfort as possible. Wound cleansing (hydrotherapy) is done to remove (debride) damaged or dead skin (eschar) at which time an appropriate dressing is applied.


Burn rehabilitation is a challenging and difficult process that can take many months. For patients treated at MIHS’s Arizona Burn Center, therapy is offered in several areas of care that include the hospital, emergency department, clinic and ongoing outpatient follow-up after discharge – all to help meet patient goals and maximize function.

The burn therapy team at MIHS is comprised of burn-dedicated physical and occupational therapists, supported by hospital-based speech language pathology services, all of which are available and delivered seven days a week. The burn therapy team is active in local education and outreach, delivering professional didactics on integument and burn rehabilitation at regional health care facilities, universities and in support of burn outreach. Within the burn professional community, the therapy team generates and participates in original research, burn quality improvement initiatives at the national level, and is actively involved by serving on various committees within the American Burn Association.

The burn therapy team evaluates every patient admitted to the burn service. We work with patients and their families to design rehabilitation plans focused on helping them return to their pre-injury functional levels. Therapy also works with burn survivor groups and helps direct them to available resources for support, both while they are in the burn center and when they are discharged. The stated goal of burn rehabilitation is to provide daily, industry standard burn therapies to appropriate patients at MIHS, with an emphasis and focus on patients admitted to the Arizona Burn Center as directed by the American Burn Association (ABA), American College of Surgeons, and the ABA’s Verification Committee.

Tube Feeding

Burn patients have different nutritional needs than healthy people. Doctors and dietitians closely follow burn patients to make sure they get the nutrition they need. At the Arizona Burn Center you will receive high-calorie, high protein meals that contain many vitamins and minerals. If you are not able to eat enough to meet your body’s need, you may need to receive some or all of your nutrition through a tube testing.

Outpatient Services

Our outpatient clinic provides comprehensive care for our burn patients who have either been recently discharged or have mild burns that don’t require hospitalization. Our therapy team will also address range of motion and scar management on an outpatient basis.


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