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Chronic Pain & HIV
Chronic pain in People Living With HIV (PLWH) has many effects.  They can be related to HIV, like neuropathy, or not, like lower back pain or headache.

Pain is a significant problem for many PLWH. All PLWH should be asked about chronic pain on a regular basis.  In 2017, the HIV Medicine Association published pain management guidelines for PLWH.  Those with chronic pain should be offered different treatment options.  Pain management can start with non-drug treatment like yoga or physical therapy.  A summary of the guidelines can be found here.

One study found that more than half of women living with HIV had pain in the last six months. Pain occurs at all stages of HIV disease and can affect many parts of the body.  Pain usually occurs more and gets worse as HIV disease progresses.  But each person is different.  Some may experience a lot of pain while others have a little or none.  There is good news.  As HIV treatment gets better, fewer PLWH experience pain.

HIV-related pain may be a symptom of HIV itself. It could be a symptom of other illnesses or infections.  It might be a side effect of HIV drugs.  Regardless of its cause, pain should be evaluated and treated to help you have a good quality of life.  To learn more about pain and pain management, check out The Well Project.

June & July Lineup
ViiV Pharmaceutical Company -they provide breakfast
Building a Healthier Lifestyle -breakfast will be served
Pampering Yourself with Love - breakfast will be served
Nutrition Heals the Soul - breakfast will be served
Gilead Pharmaceutical Company – they provide breakfast

Educational Groups
Several organizations have educational groups for HIV infected and affected individuals and their families. These educational groups are even further differentiated by more defined groupings, such as women, minority women, families of infected or exposed children, youth who have been perinatally infected, and others. For more information on educational groups contact:

        • The Bill Holt Infectious Diseases Clinic at Phoenix Children’s Hospital for family and youth groups; and
        • The Family Advocate, Lorraine Brown for women’s educational groups and more information on various support groups. 
        • There is a women's educational group that meets weekly at McDowell Clinic. The McDowell Women’s Group meets every Thursday from 9:30am – 11:30am at the McDowell Healthcare Center, 1101 North Central, Phoenix. Breakfast is  provided with guest speakers and activities, all McDowell women are welcome.

Avella Specialty Pharmacy  You can get Avella Specialty Pharmacy Mobile App. For more locations go to Avella Specialty website.MIHS image 0 Family Advocates Email

Section 8 Housing
Housing Programs that are currently open go to Housing Authority

Food Box Programs Sites (Providing nutrition for people living with HIV & AIDS) 
Arizona Food Provider Directory 
Compassion In Action

Joshua Tree
Community Food Connections

Job Postings
Arizona Department of Health Services

For more information please apply at:azstatejobs

City of El Mirage Job Opening
For more information follow

Idealist an International HIV/AIDS Program    
For those of you who might know someone looking for international/overseas or in the United States HIV/AIDS-focused program opportunities:

Maricopa County Employment Opportunity
Please visit for more information, or to apply for positions.

Maricopa Integrated Health System
Please visit for more information, or to apply for positions.

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