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Community Strength Project

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Part D?
The Part D program, a part of the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resource Emergency (CARE) Act, focuses on providing coordinated, culturally competent, family-centered medical care to women, infants, children and youth (under the age of 25). It also pays for other services, like case management and childcare, that help clients get the care they need. Maricopa Integrated Health System has been the Federal grantee for Title IV in Maricopa County since August 1998. Consumers who use these services have recently named this Title IV program the Community Strength Project. For more information, see About Part D Program.

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What kinds of services are available through  Part D?

 In Maricopa County, Part D pays for the following:

To contact these organizations, see Provider List.

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Who can receive Part D services?

 Any HIV positive woman, male youth under the age of 25, children, and their affected family members.

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Do the services cost any money?

If you qualify as one of the eligible groups listed above in Question 3, you may receive these services without any cost to you. The only exception is for medical visits. Depending on your income level, you may be required to pay a co-pay for medical visits.

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I am new to Phoenix. How do I get medical care for my HIV?

A good way to get connected to care is to contact Care Directions, where they can help you find out what assistance is available to you for your medical care and help you get enrolled. Or, you could contact the McDowell Healthcare Center and start the process there.
  • Care Directions: 602-264-2273
  • McDowell Healthcare Center: 602-344-5330

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How do I “sign up” for Part D services?

There are several ways to get Part D services, but the best way is through a Part D case manager at Care Directions. You can make an appointment to talk to a case manager by calling 602-264-2273.

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Can my family receive Part D services even if they are not HIV positive?


Yes, if you are an HIV positive woman, youth, or child, your family members are eligible for support services through Part D.

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How can I get involved?

 You can be involved in several ways:
  • Participate fully in your own care
  • Volunteer at an HIV service organization
  • Become a member of the Consumer Advisory Board of the Community Strength Project

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What is a Consumer Advocate? What can one do for me?

A consumer advocate is a person like yourself who has been through many of the same experiences that you may be facing now. They know what you are going through and want to help you in any way they can.

A consumer advocate can do the following:  

  • Listen to your concerns, 
  • Help you to find services that you need, 
  • Connect you to case managers to help you, 
  • Go with you to your first appointment, and
  • Send you e-mails with community announcements, news of upcoming events, and other information.

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Can I get some help getting to my doctor appointments?

If you need transportation to your doctor appointments, the place to start is with your case manager at Care Directions. They may be able help you with getting bus passes and other kinds of transportation assistance.

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Can someone help me understand how to take my HIV medications?

If you are already a client at McDowell Healthcare Center, you may ask to see a Medication Adherence nurse or case manager, and they can help you. If you are not already a client at McDowell, you can work through your case manager to get help.

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If I want to talk to someone who is dealing with similar problems, whom do I call?

 You can call the Family Advocate, Lorraine Brown, at 602-344-2627.

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How do I find out about events and community information?

You can check our web page under the Family Advocate’s e-message, which is updated often, or the web pages of other AIDS Services Organizations, such as Southwest Center.

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How can my family and friends be tested for HIV?

 HIV Counseling and Testing is available several places:
  • Maricopa County Department of Public Health 
  • Southwest Center
    602-307-5330 (walk-ins welcome)

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Are there support groups I can join?

There are support groups for many different purposes. There is a women's support group that meets weekly at McDowell Clinic. The McDowell Women’s Group meets every Thursday from 9:30am – 11:00am at the McDowell Healthcare Center, 1101 North Central, Phoenix. Breakfast is  provided with guest speakers and activities, women are welcome.
For families with an HIV positive child, there are support groups at the Bill Holt Clinic at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. For more information, call 602-546-0955.

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How do I volunteer for the program?

You can volunteer for the Community Strength Project as a member of the Consumer Advisory Board. Applications are available online (English or Spanish), or call Lorraine Brown at 602-344-2627 and she can get you an application. Among other volunteer opportunities available are those at MIHS and the Volunteer Center

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How can I get mental health or substance abuse services?

If you are uninsured, Ryan White mental health and substance services are available at McDowell Healthcare Center and other providers. If you have private insurance or Medicare, you can also be seen at McDowell. Call 602-344-6550 for an appointment. If you have AHCCCS, you must contact Value Options at 602-644-1122. 

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Am I eligible for dental care?

If you are don’t have dental insurance, and if you are eligible (185% of Federal Poverty Level), you can sign up for Ryan White dental services through the Maricopa County Department of Public Health. Call 602-506-6684 for more information. You can then have your dental care at McDowell, or with any dentist who is part of the Delta Dental Insurance program.

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How can I remember to take all my medications every day?

Use a pillbox organizer. Pillbox organizers are an inexpensive way to organize your daily medications and serve as a reminder for you to take each pill prescribed in your drug regimen. Pillboxes have a compartment for each day of the week. Once a week, fill the compartments with each pill as prescribed daily. Stop worrying if you've forgotten to take one of your medications. Ask your doctor, pharmacist, or local clinic for a pillbox organizer. If you receive care at McDowell Health Care Center, please notify one of the staff who will assist you with tips on how to manage your medications. McDowell Health Care Center is located at 1101 N. Central Avenue Suite 200, Phoenix, AZ and the phone number is (602) 344-6550.

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